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Sharing the Road with Bicyclists

In recent years, bikes have increased in popularity as more and more people are choosing to ride bikes rather than drive cars. However, many drivers are not used to sharing the road with bicyclists and as a result, fail to drive safely near bikes. Biking is inherently more dangerous than driving, and reckless motorists can cause serious or even fatal accidents.

Avoiding Bike Accidents

Sadly, some bicyclists fail to follow traffic laws like stopping at red lights and stop signs or using turn signals, which makes sharing the road with these cyclists difficult for drivers. However, in many other cases, motorists exhibit reckless or even intimidating behavior toward cyclists, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries to cyclists. Some examples of reckless driving near bikes include:

  • Driving too closely beside or behind bikes, failing to leave at least three feet of space for safety
  • Turning left into a cyclist going straight, or failing to check for cyclists before making a right turn.
  • Quickly changing lanes in front of cyclists
  • Driving or parking in designated bike lanes
  • Opening vehicle doors into the path of a cyclist
  • Throwing trash or shouting obscenities at bicyclists

Even if cyclists are following all laws and safety recommendations, they are at an increased risk of injuries and accidents due to careless or reckless drivers. When you drive your car near bicycles, do your part to share the road and keep cyclists safe.

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