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Should I See a Doctor After a Minor Car Accident?

You were involved in a minor fender bender and walked away unscathed. However, it’s still important to follow up with your doctor. Even low-speed car accidents with minimal property damage can result in injuries, especially if you were unable to brace for impact. A physician or chiropractor can diagnose injuries that may stem from the crash.

It’s also important to get medical documentation for the insurance company. Some injuries from car crashes take days to show up and require intense medical care. To receive compensation, all your paperwork must be in place, including a doctor’s report.

How a Car Accident Impacts Your Body

In a collision, your body is subject to the substantial force caused by the impact. Common injuries include TBIs, whiplash injuries, and concussions. Even if you don’t have symptoms or feel pain, treating these conditions proactively can improve your body’s chance of healing.

When you get into a car accident, you are required to call the police to the scene so that they can create a report. They’ll usually bring an ambulance and medical team, which will examine you. If there are no severe injuries at the time, the story will reflect that. If symptoms develop, later on, you must personally see a doctor and obtain the right paperwork.

The Importance of Medical Documentation 

If the other party caused the accident, he or she might be liable for your medical bills and other costs resulting from negligence depending on the cost of treatment. To claim personal injury damages in court, you must be able to prove that you were injured by submitting your medical bills with details about the treatments you received and their costs. These documents are also used to file a claim through your insurer or the other party’s auto policy.

It’s best to see a doctor and have treatment recorded within two weeks of the accident. Otherwise, the insurance company and the defendant’s lawyer could argue that the crash did not cause the injuries. Keep in mind that many insurers will attempt to discredit your claims to lower their costs. One factor reviewed by their lawyers is the amount of time in which you sought and received treatment for your injuries after the crash.

If you sustained damages from an auto accident, see a doctor or chiropractor right away to get care for your injuries and establish a medical record for legal purposes. Some providers specialize in auto accident injuries and will work directly with the involved insurance companies.

After seeing the doctor, contact a local personal injury lawyer who can protect your best interests. The Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers at Salpeter Gitkin, LLP are seasoned attorneys who’ve helped injured accident victims recover millions in compensation. Ensure that you get the compensation you’re entitled to by acquiring legal representation ready to fight for you. Contact us today at 954-467-8622 for a free case evaluation.

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