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How Multitasking Leads to Car Crashes

More and more people are multitasking on a daily basis. Whether it’s work-related or personal, everyone wants to stay connected with phone calls, texts, emails, and social media. However, multitasking while behind the wheel can be extremely dangerous and can easily lead to an accident resulting in serious injuries.

Multitasking and Distracted Driving

Multitasking at home or a desk at work is acceptable. However, engaging in distracting behaviors behind the wheel of a car puts the driver and everyone else on the road at risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately nine people die on a daily basis as a result of absent-minded driving. Meanwhile, another 1,000 people suffer injuries because someone decided to take their eyes off the road.

In addition to using a smartphone, the following activities count as distracted driving:

  • Adjusting car controls
  • Eating or drinking
  • Checking GPS or a map
  • Smoking
  • Looking in the mirror
  • Reaching for an object on the floor or backseat
  • Checking on children in the backseat
  • Fiddling with the car stereo

Even the mundane act of having a conversation with a passenger in the car, daydreaming, or listening to music can distract a driver. An accident happens within seconds, and a motorist is expected to react that quickly to try and prevent an accident. Many car activities impair that response time.

Preventative Measures

Distracted driving is dangerous, which makes it essential to take measures to prevent multitasking while behind the wheel. If a driver has to take a phone call or compose a text message, the best thing they could do is to pull over to the side of the road first. Making sure that children in the back seat are entertained before pulling off, grooming before you get in the car, and setting up your GPS and playlists prior to taking off are all excellent ways to prevent a distracted driving accident.

Although a person might think they are entirely in control and are perfectly able to drive while engaging in certain other activities, it’s important to be smart. No one is invincible, no matter what their driving experience may be. Focusing solely on driving (single-tasking) is the best way to stay safe behind the wheel and steer clear of an accident.

What to do if Injured by a Distracted Driver

Those injured by distracted drivers have the right to pursue compensation from the party liable for their injuries. While it is possible to do so without legal representation, you drastically increase your chances of accurate compensation when you have the legal backing of a seasoned personal injury attorney.

The Fort Lauderdale distracted driving accident attorneys at Salpeter Gitkin, LLP are passionate lawyers with experience negotiating settlements on the behalf of injured accident victims. We can fight relentlessly for you to ensure that the liable party is held responsible for their actions. Contact us today at (954) 467-8622 for a free case evaluation.

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