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Can I Trust an Insurance Adjuster with My PI Claim?

Most accident victims wonder if they can trust their adjuster. When someone is injured and files a claim, they inevitably have to speak to a representative with an insurance company. The situation is intimidating for many, considering that the adjuster asks many difficult questions, and may use that information to stiff the client on their insurance claim. It’s important to keep in mind that however friendly they may be, an insurance adjuster is there to investigate on behalf of the insurance company.

To receive compensation for damages and medical bills, the insurance company has to agree to a settlement amount. Many individuals bring in an attorney to help make sure that their case is taken care of correctly.

What to Expect When Speaking to a Claims Adjuster

Staying honest with any insurance representative that contacts you is essential. It also helps your case when you are friendly and courteous. They will ask you questions regarding the accident. You should have all of your paperwork including police reports, medical statements, and bills from auto-repairs. These types of costs are easy to calculate.

If your case involves pain and suffering or emotional distress, the exact value becomes more difficult to determine. This is where many insurance adjusters begin to ask complicated questions that could deter the insurance company from completing the full payout. If you’re not sure how to answer, you should rely on your lawyer to speak to the adjuster.

Tips for Speaking to an Adjuster About Your PI Claim

In addition to answering all questions to the best of your knowledge, there are a few things you can do to make sure the meeting with the insurance rep goes well.

  • Do your research – Do your best to determine what your policy limits are. That way, you know where your case stands. If the insurance company’s maximum payout doesn’t cover your bills, you can collect the rest from the responsible party (where applicable).
  • Collect your evidence – After an accident, follow the right steps. Call in law enforcement and medical help when necessary. Have all of your paperwork ready before you meet.
  • Practice your story – Many people get nervous when speaking to their insurance company. An adjuster will exploit any inconsistencies in your account, so make sure you are prepared to answer any question.

The best thing you can do as the injured party is to hire an experienced attorney. They understand the legal jargon stated in the insurance policy, and adjusters will not try to intimidate them. Your claim stands a better chance of going through when you leave the matter in professional hands.

Can I Trust my Insurance Adjuster?

A common trick with insurance adjusters is to let you know that they will take responsibility for your claim early even before you involve an attorney. By so doing, they will be indirectly discouraging you from hiring an accident lawyer. By saying that they will take care of everything, they are trying to tell you that hiring a lawyer is not necessary. This is not true. You need a lawyer to guide you through every process of filing a claim to ensure fair compensation.

Hire a Florida PI Attorney

In many situations, accident victims may sense something is off throughout their discussions with an adjuster. It’s vital at that point to take the right step and contact legal help. Call Salpeter Gitkin, LLP at 954-467-8622 for a free case evaluation. Our lawyers have decades of experience helping Florida residents settle their cases with insurance companies and can do the same for you.

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