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Is the Increased Use of E-Scooters Leading to More Accidents

They’re sleek, cool, and efficient — e-scooters (electric scooters) are all the rage these days. Offering a dynamic hybrid between an easy-to-ride and low-cost push scooter with the dynamism of a motorbike, e-scooters are quickly becoming just as common as bikes and boards as a go-to option for urban navigation. But this mass popularity is coming at a cost — in terms of both lives and our pocketbooks.

Accidents involving e-scooters are growing at a tremendous rate, according to a study published by UCLA. The study cited riders failing to wear proper safety equipment and lacking a dedicated lane of traffic, and elderly drivers unprepared to evade and avoid the growing swarms of e-scooter riders as reasons for the increase. This startling rise in accidents not only highlights the importance of drivers and scooter riders alike exercising more caution, but indicates the necessity of a reliable personal injury attorney as well.

The Problem With E-Scooters

Unlike other forms of transportation, the e-scooter craze is one that urban streets and roads were not prepared for. As a result of the rapid integration of scooters on the roadways, there are no existing “scooter paths” or “scooter lanes” available, forcing these scooter riders to battle it out with pedestrians, cyclists, and even drivers on the road.

The UCLA study and additional media reports highlight a few obvious problems posed by the rapid rise in scooters on city streets:

  • Lack of infrastructure: For centuries, roads were used for horses, carriages, and later, motorcars. Sidewalks have always served as a means for pedestrians to have a dedicated path of their own to take. The same was also true for cyclists. However, there is no dedicated path designed for scooters.
  • What is a scooter?: Scooters serve as a hybrid means of transport somewhere between a pedestrian and a bicycle. They can be more like a cross between a motorbike and a bicycle. Lawmakers and city-planners alike are trying to integrate scooters into existing urban centers. Part of this process involves defining what scooters “are” when it comes to their classification within the categories of existing transportation modes.
  • Lawmakers and legislation: Lawmakers continue to redefine and adapt to the changing methods of transportation with new bills and laws. Cities like New York recently legalized e-scooters on their streets, indicating the reality that e-scooters aren’t going anywhere.

E-scooters are here for the foreseeable future, meaning accidents involving e-scooters are also likely to continue happening. Whether you’re involved in an e-scooter accident or something similar, an experienced car accident lawyer is a must-have.  

Scoot Past Accidents With a Florida Car Accident Attorney

Accidents happen—whether it’s with an e-scooter or something else. But an accident doesn’t have to ruin you. Let us help. At Salpeter Gitkin, LLP, we are experienced and dedicated Florida personal injury lawyers with decades of combined experience. From e-scooter accidents to major accidents, we handle it all.

Let us fight on your behalf and help you get the legal counsel, compensation, or representation you deserve. For a personalized free case review and evaluation, call us 24/7 at (954) 467-8622 or complete our online contact form.

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