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Cruise Ship Accident

Cruises are ideal getaways for couples, families, and groups of friends. They provide people with the opportunity to leave the country and travel in style to an exotic destination. It also doesn’t hurt that they are relatively cheap compared to flights. Vacationing on a cruise ship, however, is not all drinks by the pool and dinner shows. Cruise ships are also home to numerous personal injury accidents annually.

If you or someone you know sustained an injury on a cruise ship, be sure to reach out to an attorney who can make you aware of your legal options. The Fort Lauderdale cruise ship accident lawyers at Salpeter Gitkin, LLP have experience representing people injured on cruise ships and guiding them toward recovery of financial compensation. Maritime law governs cruise ship accidents and can be extremely complex. We are here to guide you through the claims process and ensure that the only thing you have to worry about is recovering from your injuries.

Cruise ships are massive vessels with seemingly endless activities for passengers. While figuring out how to squeeze in as many events as possible is the primary concern of most passengers, one should also be aware of the many types of personal injury accidents that may occur on a cruise ship.

The most common cruise ship accidents are slips, trips, and falls. Internationational Maritime Health published a study that spanned three years and found that slip and falls accounted for roughly 45 percent of all injuries aboard cruise ships. Some other common cruise ship accidents include:

These accidents commonly occur as a result of one of the following:

As an injured cruise ship passenger, you have the right to pursue compensation for injuries resulting from the negligent actions of a third party. The Fort Lauderdale cruise ship accident lawyers at Salpeter Gitkin, LLP can make you aware of your rights.

Everything you need to know regarding cruise ship accident liability and when and where you can file a claim for your injuries is on your ticket. Your ticket for the cruise is a binding legal contract, and by booking your ticket and boarding the cruise ship, you’re consenting to the terms. Cruise ship tickets generally include the following:

Our attorneys are here to ensure that you do not miss out on compensation you’re rightfully due. We will apply our combined knowledge of personal injury and maritime law to build a claim that pursues compensation for all accident-related damages. Contact us today at 954-467-8622 for a free case evaluation.

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