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Defective Seat Belt

Florida is one of the 34 states with seat belt laws for drivers and front seat passengers. Those who fail to wear their seat belt face a $30 fine. Laws are also in place requiring rear seat passengers under the age of 18 to wear seat belts as well. These laws are strictly enforced to protect car passengers in the event of an accident, but what happens when a seat belt doesn’t fulfill its function? What happens when your seating restraint fails to protect you from harm? Many car accident victims are left with the same questions, and the best answer is to seek the legal representation of a seasoned attorney.

The Fort Lauderdale defective seat belt lawyers at Salpeter Gitkin, LLP are experienced personal injury lawyers who’ve handled numerous product liability cases on behalf of the injured. A seat belt is one product that consumers can’t afford to malfunction. We are here to ensure that the parties found liable for the seat belt defect are held accountable for their negligence.


Types of Seat Belt Defects

Seat belts are one of the most important safety features on modern vehicles. Designed to protect drivers and passengers, people assume that they will perform as intended. Unfortunately, one of the few ways to spot a defect is for a malfunction to occur at the exact moment it is needed to operate properly: during an accident. Some of the most common seat belt defects include:

Defective seat belts can be the difference between life and death which is why it essential that anyone injured by one file a product liability claim.

Handling a Defective Seat Belt Claim

Car accidents are occasions expected to produce injuries which can make it difficult to identify if a defective seat belt is indeed to blame for the damages.

The first area to inspect when pursuing a defective seat belt claim is the extent of the injuries. Those who were wearing a seat belt during a collision would have sustained drastically less severe injuries than someone who wasn’t. Traumatic brain injuries and paralysis are types of car accident injuries uncommon to someone who was fully restrained at the moment of impact.

Another area to look into is the amount of vehicular damage in comparison to the injuries sustained. A key indicator of a seat belt defect is an accident where an individual suffers severe injuries, but the vehicle itself has minimal damage.

Filing a claim against a car or seat belt manufacturer is no simple task which is why we suggest that you acquire the help of attorneys with experience doing just that.

Fort Lauderdale Defective Seat Belt Lawyers

The Fort Lauderdale defective seat belt lawyers at Salpeter Gitkin, LLP are seasoned personal injury lawyers who’ve helped recover millions of dollars in compensation for people just like you. If a defective seat belt led to the death of a loved one, we could pursue compensation in the form of a wrongful death suit as well.

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