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Rear End Accident

Anyone who has driven in South Florida understands how bad the traffic can get. Whether it be early in the morning as you head to work or in the late afternoon, South Florida roads are easily congested, thus increasing the chance of a damaging accident. While the potential of any type of accident occurring exists, there is no accident more likely to happen in traffic than a rear-end collision. These accidents can be especially damaging as accident victims cannot brace for impact as the oncoming vehicle approaches from behind. This often results in severely damaging injuries.

Accident victims not only have to worry about tending to their injuries but also the numerous other financial responsibilities that come as a result. If you or someone you know suffered an injury as a result of a negligent third party, reach out to a seasoned attorney who can explain your legal options. The Fort Lauderdale rear-end accident lawyers at Salpeter Gitkin, LLP have experience representing the injured and guiding them to just financial compensation. Reach out to us today to learn more about we can help you.

Causes of Rear-End Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

As with most vehicular collisions, negligence is often to blame for rear-end collisions. The only difference between a natural action and a negligent one is when it occurs. For example, someone fiddling with their GPS as they approach a red light is acting negligently as they’re attention is diverted from the stopped car in front of them. Conversely, doing the same thing while at a complete stop is perfectly safe.

Unfortunately, drivers pick up bad habits that are potentially hazardous but fail to realize the severity of their actions until an accident happens. Some of these negligent habits include:

The reality of the situation is that millions of people are injured in car accidents annually, resulting in potentially life-long ailments and thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Common Rear-End Accident Injuries

Whiplash is the most common rear-end accident injury. Accident victims are often sitting in a relaxed position moments before the collision, completely unaware of the impending harm. The next moment, they are violently thrust forward and recoiled back into their seats causing immense strain on the neck and upper back joints and muscles. As damaging as a whiplash injury can be, it is only one of the numerous types of rear-end accident injuries. Others include:

It’s imperative to know that you have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries and all other accident-related damages, regardless of the extent of your injuries. In doing so, you’ll require legal counsel from a knowledgeable car accident attorney.

Get Help From an Experienced Attorney

The Fort Lauderdale rear-end accident attorneys at Salpeter Gitkin, LLP have no shortage of experience representing those injured in personal injury accidents. We’ve secured tens of millions of dollars for our clients wounded at the hands of a negligent third party and can do the same for you. Be sure to take action quickly as Florida only allows so much time to pass after your accident before you lose the ability to seek damages. Contact us today at (954) 467-8622 for a free case evaluation.

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