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Reckless Driving

Fort Lauderdale is home to many highways and expressways implemented for the sole purpose of providing efficient means of commuting. While many drivers use these roadways for their intended purpose, countless others use the additional lanes and increased speed limits to drive recklessly. Whether in good fun or to get to a destination on time, reckless driving is still dangerous and can potentially cause a life-threatening accident. If involved in a car accident as a result of a third party’s negligence, seek the help of a seasoned personal injury lawyer.

The Fort Lauderdale reckless driving lawyers at Salpeter Gitkin, LLP are experienced personal injury attorneys who dedicate their practice to helping the injured recover compensation for accident-related damages. We can evaluate the facts of your case, inform you of your legal options, and serve as your legal representation throughout the claims process.


Examples of Reckless Driving in Fort Lauderdale

When you think of a reckless driver, the first thing likely to come to mind is someone speeding, and while that is accurate, reckless driving occurs in numerous other ways. Some of the most common include:

All of these actions have caused devastating accidents, which is why legislation is in place to prevent such driving behaviors. When deciding if a driver was indeed driving “reckless,” they will consider several factors including the time of day, weather conditions, and the presence of other people. Those deemed reckless drivers will be those whose actions exceeded mere negligence.

Reckless Driving Accident Injuries

The unfortunate reality of motor vehicle collisions is that there is a high chance of injury. To prevent reckless drivers from causing such accidents, they face hefty fines and possible license suspension for their intentionally dangerous actions. However, reckless drivers continue to populate South Florida roads causing damaging accidents. Common injuries resulting from reckless driving accidents include:

Those injured in a car accident who wish to file a claim with their insurance company should be sure to seek immediate medical treatment. Not only does this ensure your well-being but a physician can identify injuries that you may have been unaware of. Having on record that you sought medical attention immediately after your accident can also be beneficial as the insurance company won’t be able to reasonably question the source of your injuries.

Fort Lauderdale Reckless Driving Accident Lawyers

As the injured party in a car accident, you have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries. Exercise this right by acquiring the legal services of a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer.

The Fort Lauderdale reckless driving accident lawyers at Salpeter Gitkin, LLP have experience helping car accident victims recover compensation for accident-related damages. While Florida is a no-fault state that requires you to seek compensation through your personal injury protection first, there are times when the damages exceed your policy limit. In such cases, count on us to fight for you. Contact us today at (954) 467-8622 for a free case evaluation.

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