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6 Steps to Take After a Car Accident

A person who has sustained injuries in a Fort Lauderdale car accident must act quickly. Right after a crash occurs, it’s crucial to retain evidence of fault and damages. Being proactive and prepared can make a big difference when you make a claim to an insurance company or file a personal injury lawsuit.

The following six steps should be taken as soon as possible after a vehicle crash.

Call the Police

Police should arrive on the scene right away to take an accident report. The report will play a vital role in the claims process for your injury. Additionally, emergency medical technicians will arrive to treat injured persons. In clear cases of fault, the police may also write the at-fault driver a ticket.

When speaking to police, make sure that you never admit fault. They will investigate the accident and ask you several questions, but only provide the bare minimum information about yourself.

Gather Information

If you are physically capable of doing so, be sure to gather information from all witnesses. It’s important to obtain:

  • The names; addresses; phone numbers; license plate numbers; insurance information; driver’s license numbers; and vehicle make, model, and year of everyone involved in the crash.
  • Contact information of all passengers and witnesses
  • The names and badge numbers of all police officers on the scene
  • The police report number

It’s also wise to request a statement from witnesses of what they saw occur at the time of the accident. Taking photos of the scene and any vehicles involved is also wise. That can quickly be done with a smartphone camera.

Get Medical Treatment

Getting immediate medical treatment after an accident is essential. Even if you feel fine, there may be internal damage. You should keep copies of all medical records to claim damages for your injuries. If injuries don’t manifest for a few days, it’s okay to see a personal doctor then, but waiting too long can create a problem with the insurance company. They may reject your claim, and say that injuries were caused after the accident took place.

Notify the Insurance Company

If you wish to receive compensation for your injuries through your insurance company or the at-fault party, you must notify your insurer of the injuries you have suffered and report the accident.

Speak with an Accident Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

Consulting with a car accident attorney is wise if the person plans on filing a claim. Additionally, the lawyer can launch a personal investigation into the accident and handle all negotiations with the insurance company.

Send a Demand Letter

After discovering how much your claim is worth, your attorney can help you compose and send a demand letter to the insurance company or the at-fault party. A demand letter summarizes your claim and states how much compensation you seek. A well-written demand letter can limit how much leeway the claims adjuster has to object to your demand.

When you suffer in a car accident, you should attempt to hold the liable party accountable for their incompetence behind the wheel. With an experienced attorney with Salpeter Gitkin, LLP,  you can seek compensation that can help you get your life back on track. Call 954-467-8622 for a free consultation.

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