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Could I Have a Delayed Accident Injury?

Car accidents are stressful events, and the resulting adrenaline rush combined with the initial concern for others and possessions can leave you with a delayed or unrecognized injury that’s not apparent for hours to days after the accident. Such slowed injury symptoms can make filing a personal injury claim all the more difficult and interfere with your ability to recover compensation for all accident-related damages. Join us as we discuss some of the most common delayed accident injuries, the effect they can have on your well-being, and how to ensure that all treatment is compensated for.


Whiplash is a neck injury that occurs when the head and neck area is forcefully thrown forward and snaps backward during the impact of a crash. The overextension damages the nerves, tendons, ligaments, joints, or muscles of the neck and upper back. The injured structures may heal on their own in a few weeks or months, or they could require surgical repair and months of rehabilitation.

Delayed whiplash is common, with response times being anywhere from half a day to five days post-accident. The pain may not become evident until the injured tissues start to swell, stiffen, and restrict movement.


Concussions are often overlooked and mistaken for stress-related symptoms. This traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be similar to whiplash when it involves the soft tissue forcefully being thrown forward and back against the hard skull during the vehicle’s impact with an object. It can also occur when something directly strikes the head. Concussions can be life-threatening which is why you should always seek immediate medical attention after suffering a head injury.

Back and Spinal Injury

Back injuries are musculoskeletal injuries, and they’re some of the most masked injuries in car accidents. They’re often slow to swell and stiffen, and hormonal stress responses can dull pain. Side and rear impact during vehicle collisions are a familiar source of back injury as these can force segments of the spine out of its natural alignment.

Soft Tissue Damage

Sprains and strains are soft tissue damages. These occur when the ligaments, tendons, and muscles attaching to joints and bones become hyperextended or torn. Soft tissue damage can strike almost any area of the body during a vehicle accident when the tissues are directly struck, tensed too hard and quick, or extended beyond their normal range of motion.

Mental Injuries

Emotional distress is a psychological injury that often goes undetected and underreported. It can be in the form of stress, anxiety, flashbacks, or fear. The violent and traumatic nature of many accidents can lead some to suffer Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that severely impacts the quality of their lives and that of their families.

Contact an Attorney If You’ve Suffered a Delayed Injury

Having an attorney on your side can be highly beneficial. They can help you fight for your right to maximum compensation for damages like lost wages, property damage, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Receiving the necessary compensation is crucial as a single medical statement alone can be thousands of dollars when severe and long-term injuries are involved.

The Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers at Salpeter Gitkin, LLP have experience helping car accident victims pursue compensation for all injuries resulting from the negligence of a third party. Contact us today at (954) 467-8622 for a free case evaluation.

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